Diving on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur
First Trip November/December 2008
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Da Planes (Click for Video .wmv)
WW-II aircraft sit silently on the bottom at 110 to 120 ft off Roi and are amazingly resisting the forces of sea and corrosion.  The remains were stripped of engines and other usable parts and then dumped into the lagoon.  There was no battle nor loss of life involved - it is a fun dive although challenging at that depth on air
Killer Clams
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As a young TV fans of diving, we all saw Mike Nelson get trapped by a "Killer Clam" However, these peaceful creatures are beautiful and slow to react so entrapment is nigh impossible.  
Coral Gardens of Roi-Namur
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The lagoon holds an amazing variety of very healthy coral, You are entranced by the beauty.  
Off The Walls
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The reef falls off almost vertically in some places with a sandy ledge at about 120 ft then falls almost vertically again into oblivion.
Nemo and the Carpet Anemone
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The clownfish live in a symbiotic relationship with the carpet anemone.  These are fun creatures. 
Feeding Time on the Reef
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Watch the drama develop, right in front of the diver's eyes.  The characters are introduced, The Shark, The Dog Tooth Tuna, Divers, Bait Fish, Other Pelagics.  You have a front row seat as the predators round up the prey!  Action is fast and furious! 

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Unbelievable Coral 

Fish, Etc


Killer Clams

Topside on the Island


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